Aldeia da FonteAldeia da Fonte

Yoga Center

The Hotel of nature Aldeia da Fonte has, besides its privileged location in nature (between the sea and the forest),
a set of equipment that were specially designed for the practice of Martial Arts,
namely Yoga and Meditation .

It has:

Zen Room

Aimed at practicing yoga and tai chi for the days
in which it is not possible to practice outdoors.

Center of Meditation

In the form of Chinese pagoda using recycled materials.
Located in a privileged spot in nature and usable,
even in rainy weather.

Yoga in nature

An open field space with a wide area,
which makes it possible to be used by larger groups.
In a unique setting of forest and sea,
with a careful landscape architecture.

Barefoot Path

An experience of reflexology in a path,
especially built in our Tai Chai Garden.
Passing through the Meditation Center,
provides a unique experience of interaction with nature.

Equipments that the hotel leaves at the disposal of groups that bring their own monitors can also ensure,
by booked appointment, yoga and meditation monitor.
In addition, vegetarian meals can be enjoyed in our restaurant, which already has great experience in this area.

Staying at Aldeia da Fonte is staying in a Zen retreat.